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Games with best stories and gameplay

You know these days finding perfect Games with best stories and gameplay for low-end pc and also games with cool stories are hard to find. So the games have given below are all the best games in my opinion. So make sure to read about all the games here.  1. Mirrors Edge This game is…
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Top High graphics games for Low-end PC

Top High graphics games for Low-end PC Hello guys, Mayank here and Here is the new post for low-end pc gamers. So are you Bored with your old PC games? Here is the latest post in which I will tell you Many awesome and high graphics games for your low-end pc. PC specifications Recommended PC…
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10 high graphic games for 2GB ram pc | AstroDynamo

I am one of those who has 2 GB ram pc. so I decided to find out myself. And I came up with these awesome games on my pc. these games are personally played by me and all reviews are based on my personal opinion. Let me show you my pc specification and the games…
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Call of duty for android | tencent and activision | AstroDynamo

Call of duty for android | Tencent, and Activision | AstroDynamo More details We all love call of duty games. this game is created by Activision and this games series sell worldwide. the concept of this game is just awesome we never get bored by playing these game. More details We know about Tencent games…
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Top android racing game 2018 | AstroDynamo

Top android racing game 2018 | AstroDynamo _______________________________________ Highway x racing Become a racing legend on busy highways. The only rule here is to be the first one to cross the finish line. CarX Highway Racing is among a few racing games based on a realistic physical model which gives you an unprecedented driving experience.…
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Top games | like God of war | AstroDynamo

Top games | like God of war 1.Animus: stand alone Fantastic game for RPG lovers. This game’s graphic is awesome but there is only one problem that there is not much stuff in its level but gameplay and action is just awesome. Must try this game. And the best part is this game is available…
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Top Anime games | review | Astrodynamo

About anime Anime is created in Japanese in the sense you can say them Japanese cartoon. There is a huge number of anime series for example-Naruto, bleach, attack on titans, Tokyo Ghoul, Noragami and many more. Most of the anime is rated 18+ Not all anime is for kids Some are for adult also. Here…
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