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Fake people


Before You start reading let me tell you that The stuff is written are my views. so, please don’t get offended. At the end of the blogs, I will share my reviews as well. So make sure to read End of the blog as well.

Really, Is this what you say help

You Know these days People start caring less for each other. As we all know the common things going on here. If there is an accident people start making videos but no one rush to help that injured person. They instantly upload that video and share as well. wow, cool na, Such an awesome help by sharing video. Sometimes I also get frustrated by this all. well, these are some common things that no one wants to change. There are very few people who rush to help them and the rest of them see the whole shows and record it for sharing.

Fake people

I had created an account on Facebook just to know more about people like there posts, Behaviour and all and you know what my facebook feed is full of these fake posts. Let me tell you how their post is like. someone posts that, “I am feeling alone. everyone left me alone. I need help”. The comment section is full of great people. Comments are like- “Yeah I will help” “You can share things with me” “I am with you” “I will help you” and all. The most amazing thing is The one who posts that is a girl and all the comments are from the boys. super cool na.

Then after scrolling a little while. I saw the same post as the girls but this time its a boy who posted it. The whole comment section is blank. It looks likes all the sympathy is for girls only. There is a common thing written in everyone’s profile, “I am alone” “Hate fake people”. Is this cool to be alone or left behind? I have No idea.


People mostly on social media are totally fake. As far as I see no one look real to me. They just need sympathy, attention and all. Yeah, I know it feels cool to have so many people think about you but still. There’s comment section are filled with so many motivational quotes and cool lines. They all think that they are a motivational speaker. hahaha so funny.¬† Sometime I really can’t believe how they think this all. It’s easy to say hard to do. They say all the fake things and fill there comment sections and others who read that thinks.”Yeah, he is a good person maybe I should share my personal feeling as well”. And and and at last, they mostly get betrayed or end up making entertainment for them.

I know It’s hard

I know its hard to understand who is trustworthy or not but you should not believe or share your personal things so easily with anyone. I have told this all based on the behavior of people on Facebook. There so many things I wanna share that is happening in this world besides facebook. I am also one of those who trust blindly on others. but Now I am not going to do that thing again. I am sick of it. I created my fake Account of facebook just to know more people but I end up getting confused who is trustworthy,? who is real? who is fake? There are still so many questions. I also need answers to these questions.

My Reviews

You know there is so many more thing that I wanna share. so, I will share on my next blog.  Let share my reviews

  • I understand some people on Facebook. Some of them are good and some of them are extremely fake that I can’t write about them in words.
  • I am not saying that everyone is fake. we all need to understand each other.
  • Understanding people is one the best ability that very few people have.
  • saying motivational lines is easy but its hard to do. We can’t judge anyone by there posts or behavior.
  • everyone has their reason for being fake like some want attention or some want help
  • I think that due to these fake people the one who really needs help is left behind because people stop trusting each other.
  • It’s hard to understand everyone. many of them talk sweet and betray you as well. these are piece of cake for them.
  • I am also not so real, sometimes I also have to be fake just to make everyone happy.

My Motto

Keep smiling and spread happiness as much as you can. keeping people smiling is of the best thing in the world.

Some necessary information

Sorry If something is wrong in this blog. Let me know your reviews in the comment section. And I really wanna know the answers to the question I put in this blog. If any of you have answers to these questions then please written in the comment section. If you have a story like this and want to share stuff like this on this site, There is guest posting available here mail me your best story with your image and name as well.

Thank you for reading


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