My First PC game

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My First PC game

My first PC game

I am addicted to games since I was 8. I still remember my first PC game is Need for speed underground and have a lot of memories of my old PC games. Like the need for speed and GTA vice city. Need for speed and GTA are the most common game, we all played them. It’s fun to play the old game sometimes. It brings back a lot of memories.

You know when I was 8 I used to play racing games with Both hands. Like pressing Acceralter from one hand and movement keys from other. It looks awfully funny. My big bro plays a racing game with just one hand. At that age, I feel like I never beat my bro in any games. He is the champion in all games..!! But when time passes by. I am able to play all type of games without any help then I understand all games are so easy to play. It feels like I have open the gate of my mind and I am the god. 😆  Funny right, that’s what I used to feel.

Hard games

That time I also used to think that, “these games controls are so hard. How my bro memorizes all the controls”. Like when my bro is playing IGI 2 he played so well. I wished that “God please make me play games like my brother” but obviously it’s hard for me to play at that time. But now I think I have surpassed him.  🙄  😆

Time Never Stops

As time goes everyone starts to take responsibilities and my bro start going to work and he stops playing games on pc but he still plays with me on mobile #PUBG. Well, actually he stops playing games when he is in college. But he has played mostly all games and completed them. I also had played so many games that I don’t remember their name.

Potato PC

I used to had a potato PC at that time in which I played very old games like-IGI 2, GTA vice city, GTA San Andrea’s, Need for speed underground 1 and 2 like these type of games and yeah Evil dead regeneration. These games make my childhood awesome.

Fun watching others

My brother taught me how to play all kind of games because I suck at games that time. Most games he taught me and other I learned Myself by watching him playing games. In the sense, it was fun watching him driving recklessly in need for speed, being caught by Cops in GTA or fails a mission. I make fun of him and he keeps on doing until he completes that task to make my mouth shut. That time was so much fun.

Is it childish?

Playing games look childish but I still like it. I mean what’s wrong in playing them. While you playing games everyone looks me like I am a child who is just enjoying the game and start treating me like that well I don’t care. I like playing it. I still have a potato PC which can’t run Latest games but it can run games that I had not played yet. So I think it’s enough for me.

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