My Past games Experiences and memories

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My Past games Experiences and memories

My Past games Experiences and memories


Here is some stupid stuff that I had experience in my past. I will try to explain as much as I can. I had so many memories but I am sharing 5 games for now. If you like it and want more let me know.

  • So on number one is GTA vice city.

We all know GTA vice city I mean there is no one who doesn’t remember this game. Our whole childhood went into this game. In my opinion, all Gamers are formed after playing  GTA vice city. When I was umm I think when I was 10 I always watch my big bro playing GTA vice city. Actually that I time I don’t know how to play games much but I played well. Before PC games we used to play the game on an Old console I don’t remember its name. we play Mario, country and many more. They were awesome games.

I used to think how my bro plays this game so well and remember so many keys to play it. I was actually surprised that time and now I know how he remembers this. It’s no big deal LOL.

  • On number second its GTA San Andreas

Remember Carl Jonson. I know you do. After GTA vice city me and my bro improve our standard to GTA San Andreas. It was a cool experience as well. We know that time carl can swim.

Like GTA vice city, San Andreas has cheats code to with no meaning I think and that’s how I increased my typing speed by writing cheat codes always. I remember that day when I was playing GTA San Andreas on my Dead PC, my CPU got short-circuit I don’t remember the details. But after that, I got my laptop. I had used so many dead PC their specifications were awesome like-intel P-4 processor, 2GB ram. My past experiences with my old PC was hilarious.

  • On number third its Need For Speed

Now it’s the time for a legend. We all play these common games. I played this game as well and still, I am playing this game.  When I first played this game with my bro I am amazed. I start loving this game at that time. It’s an awesome experience. But when I bro stops playing this game it’s my time to shine. But my potato PC. My game hangs so much and still, I played the game at that time. I really laughed at myself. But now my games run smoothly. NFS most wanted 2005 is the most played game by me.

  • On number forth its DOOM 3

Doom3 is an amazing game. A Fast FPS game. I like Fast FPS game. I get into games because of my big bro. He played the game so well that time I got inspired, what an inspiration LOL. So when my bro first plays DOOM3 we like this game until it shows its horror stuff. We got so scared and we used cheat codes just to complete game. I dunno which cheat code he used all the enemy is gone. We cross levels and saw horror cinematic of the enemy that’s going to appear in front of us but there is no enemy because of that damn cheat code. Still, we ended that game hardly in 30 min. And now I download this game and I found nothing that can scare me. But still, this game Is awesome.

  • On number fifth its God of war

I first saw this game on my friend’s  PS2. I found this game pretty awesome until I saw its dark side. You know what I mean, I am not going to explain or I have to make this video 18+. So on that time graphic doesn’t matter that much to us. We just like smashing enemies. At that time we play the game more than study and I still remember that day when I learn who to play god of war perfectly on the console. I got chicken pox for 4 days. And in 4 days they shifted and I never get a chance to play this game perfectly on the console. Poor me. But now I have ended all part of god war except the god of war 4. It’s so expensive man and my PC won’t support it either.



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So thanks for reading. I have more memories and stupid stuff like this. if you want more post like this to let me know through the comment section.





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