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How to become a pro

PUBG is a very popular game. This game is first launched for PS4 and PC But this becomes very popular so people are demanding this game for Android mobiles. Now PUBG is available for android device. This is game spread like fire worldwide so this game does not need any promotion or advertisement. I also play this game and I love this game more than anything.

Things that I have written in this post about PUBG is common for Some PUBG lover. I play this game for 9 months and absorbed many things not everything but almost. So first I will go with starting.


1. Before entering the match

Before we enter in a match we come to a place, I don’t know what the place name is but everyone is running like there like some is coming for killing them. That seen look quite an entertainment. People fighting to each other and some try to fight with you. That place is not only for warm-up players. That place is where all 100 people are connected to the same server to play each with other. But I used the place to change my player clothes with others. It’s fun to do this kind of stuff. You should also try.

2. Skydiving

When all 100 people are connected to the server then the game starts and after that, all people are on a plane where they have to skydive in order to start playing. There is a trick let me tell you. When you on a plane open map. When you open the map you will see the plane direction. Don’t jump out of the plane at the end plane will automatically make you jump. While skydiving try to not touch controls. Just use camera and move and see there is 3 or 4 people jumping below you or along with you.
Camera button image


There jumping at the end of the map because they are disconnected from the game or exit it. After lending with them just kill them and increase your score. If you don’t believe me try it yourself.

3. Landing

After landing you have a lot to do. When you are opening your parachute make sure you use the camera button and see how many people are landing near you. This makes us alert so we can understand the strategy to play this game. Some rookies are like jump before everyone when see anybody running in front of them start chasing them trying to kill them. These kinds of stuff work only in the bronze league when you are promoted these things will kill you and you will not be able to win the game. During the match, the map is a big help. When someone near you or someone shoot in the range of 1-kilometer map will show it to you by showing some symbols that are easy to understand. Collecting materials are hard in this game (only for new players). I will make a video for YouTube soon in which I will show you how to pick stuff and requirements of guns as well.

4. Guns and ammunition

Using guns is the best part of PUBG. While playing many players are confused they think always think which gun is better to use. Let show you images of every gun and their information you can also see them just by clicking armory on the bottom side of the screen.
Guns images and information Image



So these are the guns that are used in PUBG mobile.

5. Using guns and grenades

All guns in PUBG are awesome I love to play with them. While playing most of the players try to use only machine guns but in order to play like a pro, you should carry 1 machine gun, 1 sniper and 1 handgun (for backup). 7.62 bullets damage more than 5.56 and at last 9mm. every gun have their own requirement for ex- if you are using UMP9 9mm is the bullets that are used in UMP9 and other requirements are half grip or thumb grip, a magazine for SMG and much other stuff you can find these stuff everywhere. But the only drop has the rarest gun in the game. I recommended to use M416 (5.56 bullets)and SKS(7.62 bullets) or if you looted any drop you can find AVM in some drops.

6. Drops

Drops are the most dangerous part of the game. When a drop arrives it blow some smoke as a location of where the drop is so everyone rush towards it and fight begins. While you looting a drop make sure any of your teammates is covering you so he/she can tell you whether an enemy is coming or not. I recommended looting only first 2 drops. Because when there are only 30 or 20 people alive they go to the location where drops arrive and start snipping. So this could be dangerous.

7. Flare gun

And now there is a new gun name flare gun. It’s used to call drops. If you are out of the safe zone and you use it. You will get an armored car and if you use it inside the safe zone you will a drop in which there is 2 rare gun sometimes guns could be common but common gun’s probability is very low. If someone used flare gun you can see it in the sky there is a sparking in the sky and when the drop arrives its smoke color is yellow.

8. Zone

The zone is also one of the dangerous parts of the game. When all people lands on ground time start running back and when the time reaches zero blue zones start shrinking and if you are out of the blue zone you’re player start taking damaging. When first blue zone appeared player take less damage but when last blue zone appeared you’re player start taking damage very fast. So make sure to play inside the safe zone.

If you like my blog please comment and make sure you share this to your PUBG squad and make them pro as well.

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