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About anime

Anime is created in Japanese in the sense you can say them Japanese cartoon. There is a huge number of anime series for example-Naruto, bleach, attack on titans, Tokyo Ghoul, Noragami and many more. Most of the anime is rated 18+ Not all anime is for kids Some are for adult also. Here is the link if you want to know more about anime.watch the video below..

Naruto to Boruto

Naruto is a very popular anime. Due to its popularity, this game is created. I personally recommend this game. This game series is best among the previous series. This game’s graphics improves a lot. If you open its previous part like Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki rising its graphics is not that great but the story is amazing. Actually, Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki rising is the whole story of anime naruto. Naruto has the power of kurma(9 tails fox) that is given by his parents.

Well,l I can’t explain every single detail because there is a lot to know about Naruto if you want to know you can watch Naruto. Now let me tell you about the controls of naruto to Boruto. Its control is very simple. It’s hard to control for the first time but slowly-slowly you will get used to it. There is too many jutsu (technics) that can be used against the enemy and while using it you can teleport and can get behind the enemy.

There is a wide range of character you can choose any of them or you can create your own character also. Its level is also very hard but you can enjoy them. There is a puzzle in the game also. You should play this game. There is some screenshot of this game you can see them and decide to play or not.

My hero acadimia: One’s justice

Well talking about My hero academia: one’s justice. This game is also a very popular anime. This anime has 3 seasons and 4 will be coming soon. But this is the first game of this anime. There are so many games par of Naruto Shippuden. My hero academia is an arcade game just like dragon ball, Tekken, bloody roar, and many others. But unlike these game my hero, academia is a lot different.

Its graphic is also brilliant and the atmosphere is just great. There is a wide range of characters and each of them has there own special quirks(powers). Midoriya is the main character in the game who have the ability to use one for all quirk given by all mighty (his mentor). He born quirk less but have all qualified to be a hero that’s why all might give his power. For more info watch my hero academia.

Let me tell you about something interesting in this game. This game has many levels to play and every level has different locations to play so while playing the game you can enjoy a different level as well. This game fighting style is a lot different. It’s not like Tekken. You should be skilled to control every character. There is some screenshot of this game you can see them and decide to play or not.

Attack on titans

Attack on titans is also very popular anime. Its have 3 seasons total. And I am gonna tell you about the game attack on titan 2. Erin is the main character of this game as well in anime also. Erin has the ability to transfer into a titan that help him to protect the town from titans. Titans have a weakness if someone attack below the back side of there neck they can’t be revived so using this technic they defeat titans.

This game’s story also based on anime series well I can say that both are pretty similar. This game is extremely hard that make this game more interesting. The atmosphere of this game is awesome. Controls are hard but when you get used to it you will enjoy this game and can’t think about anything else. According to me, this game is pretty interesting you must play this game as well. There is some screenshot of this game you can see them and decide to play or not.

Black clover

Black clover is a popular anime and it’s still ongoing. This the first part of this anime game. This game is an adventure category. I love this game I like to play this game. This game’s environment is best And skills that character used in this game are powerful and awesome. This game’s graphics look like real (50%). Game’s character stability is just awesome I love it.

This game is just fantastic. There is much more stuff that you can do in the game and I am not gonna tell you. Find yourself you will then also start loving this game. While playing I don’t find any bug or error like stuff. This makes this game awesome. There is some screenshot of this game you can see them and decide to play or not.

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